Welcome to Fidelis House, your home away from home.

Nova Scotian hospitality: Supper at the kitchen table, the company of friends and family, a cozy place to spend the night. It’s no secret that we excel at welcoming our visitors. While plenty of tourists make their way here for pleasure, there’s also a steady stream of Nova Scotians regularly travelling across the province each year to access medical services. Fidelis House is making those trips more comfortable and affordable for patients of the Valley Regional Hospital. 


Situated on the grounds of the hospital in Kentville, Fidelis House has been offering a welcoming ‘home away from home’ for patients and their guests since 1992. Staffed around the clock by dedicated volunteers, and funded exclusively through donations, guests are only asked to contribute $20 a night towards their stay. In the past year alone Fidelis House has welcomed over 4000 overnight visitors, with most arriving from western Nova Scotia area as well as some from other provinces and even other countries. For twenty-five years, Fidelis House has helped keep friends and family and the comforts of home close by.