Our Mission


Fidelis House is a “home away from home” serving guests whose loved ones are in the hospital or patients themselves receiving medical treatment at the Valley Regional Hospital. The housing provides a comfortable and warm setting for family and friends where they can rest and privately share their concerns. Providing affordable accommodation and the support of compassionate volunteers on duty 24 hours everyday, enables tremendous support to the family members. 

This unique service is available to all family members, including children of patients suffering from serious illness, often hospitalized for lengthy periods. In recent years there has been an increasing need for accommodation for patients receiving treatment on an out patient basis and requiring housing close to the hospital. We also serve the community by providing accommodation for medical students training at the Valley Regional Hospital.

In addition to receiving good medical care sick people need the emotional support and understanding of family. And family needs a place where they can find support and gather strength in stressful times.  Fidelis House provides a happy solution for families who otherwise would be faced with sleeping on sofas or cots in makeshift settings, or seeking expensive hotel rooms to be near their loved ones undergoing medical treatment.

The setting creates a support system for the terminally ill and removes the terrible sense of isolation of family who would otherwise be unable to be with loved ones or a parent. It is not uncommon for family to gather at Fidelis House from several provinces during a parent’s final days.

This house is not a treatment facility, rather it complements the Valley Regional Hospital in the healing process. The facility has 12 bedrooms, with 24 beds, as well as a lounge and kitchen facilities for guests to prepare light meals. Fidelis House provides coffee, tea and some basic provisions.  Accommodation is currently offered at a nominal $25.00 per night.

Fidelis House opened in 1992 and in this current year we will provide in excess of 4,000 bed nights for our guests (exclusive of the accommodation provided for medical staff and students). The House operates with 60 devoted volunteers and physical support of the hospital resources. As a non- profit organization we are responsible for all our own fund raising.